Bahama Executive Air Charter Service


For the past ten years we have used Golden Wings Charter services for transportation to Normans Cay and other family island transit as well as to Florida. Our loyalty is based on the experiences we have had by doing business with the owners of Golden Wings, Cameron and Lori Roach. Our first priority is safety and it is the same for Golden Wings. We have been impressed with the care, attention and dedicated maintenance performed on the aircraft. They have a zero compromise policy when it comes to all things safety and that alone gives us great comfort.

The general policies that Cameron and Lori operate by is another reason we enjoy doing business with them. They do what they say, they are on time, and they do everything possible to help in our travels and challenges by living in the out islands. They are courteous and grateful business owners. Their office staff embodies this same attitude and makes doing business with Golden Wings easy and enjoyable.

Happy travels!

Bruce and Kelly Griffin
Normans Cay, Exuma