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The Abacos are located approximately 75 miles to the north of New Providence. It’s islands are one of the most popular destinations in the Bahamas for the climate, sailing, fishing and water sports. Because the island is stretched out about 130 miles Throughout it’s length, there are literally hundreds of quiet and often desert bays, beaches, coves, creeks and anchorage‚Äôs to explore, this makes Abaco an ideal destination for yachtsman. The Abaco’s consist of many small islands or “cays” and a barrier reef. Abaco is also the second largest island in The Bahamas.

The town settlers grow and produce a lot of citrus fruit products, as well as tomatoes, sugar and cucmbers, the residence also build their own Bahamian boats which are very well crafted, made for the ocean waters and can be custom made in size upon request. There are many accommodations and restaurants throughout the islands, many dive centers and even a national park which protects the endangered species of the Bahama Parrot. Abaco is most easily recognized by its red and white stripped light house, which is located in Hope Town.

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